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peHUB First Read

JPMorgan hired the children of China’s elite after the global financial crisis to keep up with other banks in the race to do business in the country.

Here’s an interesting chart showing the income gap between America’s poor and China’s relatively well off — lower income people in the U.S. still make considerably more.

Two suicide attacks rocked the Russian city of Volgograd, killing more than 30 people, just weeks ahead of  the Winter Olympics.

The designer for the offices of startups like Dropbox, Instagram and Hightail believes work environment has become an extension of an employee’s compensation.

Facebook has released country-by-country mobile stats showing its international growth.

If you’re interested in protesting NSA snooping: here’s a gadget called Open Informant — which is a badge that displays various passages from your email with highlighted keywords that would be most interesting to the snoops at the NSA.

Apparently there may be a volcano about to blow on our side of the world — villages around the Chaparrastique volcano in El Salvador have been evacuated.

The tragedy at Benghazi earlier this year was a mix of both spontaneous protests and coordinated attacks, according to some great in-depth reporting by the New York Times.

Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.