peHUB First Read

The U.S. is about 1 million jobs away from recouping the 9 million jobs lost before and after the global financial crisis. Some things to watch for in today’s jobs report.

Meanwhile, Democrats and Republicans in the Senate are having problems reaching agreement on extending jobless benefits for millions of Americans that expired in late December.

Some gadgets from the Consumer Electronics Show that may never get used, but are pretty hilarious, like a car wash for your glasses, or a laser helmet to grow hair.

Wall Street may have to pay $50 billion to get the government off its back over banks’ role in the housing collapse.

Former SAC Capital trader Matthew Martoma, charged with insider trading, was expelled from Harvard for cheating.

More news about giant holes in the earth. Here’s some of the noises that emanate from a 30,000-foot deep hold in Germany.

Five new vehicles to watch for at the Detroit auto show.

Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.