peHUB First Read

* Tony James: Covenant-lite is good for society.

* Top 10 tech trends, according to VCs at the annual Churchill Club dinner.

* GE is looking to sell its appliance unit. Does that mean that Jack Donaghy can focus more on programming, and less on microwaves?

* Kedrosky says we should have should have seen the private equity bubble coming, based on a chart of industry job openings.

* Art: The last unburst bubble.

* MIT’s $100k biz plan competition has a winner.

* My corporate overlords are planning on firing a bunch of folks. Don’t think it’ll be me, but I also didn’t think the Hawks could take it seven.

* Zoots is the latest VC-backed bust. More than $150m for a high-end dry cleaner that’s now shut down. Maybe it’s karma for the Framingham, Mass. branch refusing to pay for the giant hole they created in my wife’s sweater. Never forget…