peHUB First Read

* BCE repricing fears persist, in the wake of what happened earlier this week with Clear Channel.

* VentureBeat has a Q&A with Steve Jurvetson, on a cleantech biz plan competition and playing God.

* CBS buys CNet. Now who should buy CBS? Felix suggests Berkshire Hathaway.

* The Alliance Boots bankers find buyers for their hung bridge: Apollo, Blackstone and TPG.
* A clouded outlook for Evergreen Solar, which still has a lot of VC shareholders.

* A $100 cheesesteak? If you’ve had it, be ashamed. For my money — and tastebuds — best cheesesteak is still right outside of Philly, at a shop called Bella Italia in Ardmore, PA.

* Facebook, live-action style (hat tip Reuters DealZone):[youtube=]