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Activists in San Francisco have asked a judge to stop corporate shuttles transporting evil tech workers from using public bus stops. Because people going to work to do their jobs are obviously the root of much of what is wrong in this country.

Academic freedom vs. criminal investigations: prosecutors have forced researchers at Boston College to give up interviews with people formerly involved in the Troubles in Northern Ireland — a period of intense violence.

AstraZeneca rejected an offer from rival Pfizer to buy the company for $106 billion. AstraZeneca’s board believed the offer significantly undervalued the company.

Box’s existential crisis: how is it different than any other cloud storage company?

The first rule of Vigilant Solution’s license plate surveillance database — you don’t talk about Vigilant Solution’s license plate surveillance database. (Because the media).

Long-time Ford executive Mark Fields, currently the COO, has been tapped to replace Ford CEO Alan Mulally.

Kohlberg Kravis Roberts wants to attract accredited investors with as little as $10,000 to commit to its funds.

Meet the only Wall Street executive sent to jail for his part in the global financial crisis.

Big data technologies can cause damage to not only privacy rights, but also ‘societal harms’ like discrimination to individuals and groups, according to a White House ‘big data’ review.

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Carlyle running ahead of fundraising target for 2014

Goldman Sachs: $9 billion portfolio subject to Volcker Rule

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