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Climate change is having a significant effect on business operations, with about 60 companies disclosing concerns about droughts, hurricanes and floods, according to a new report.

India’s Bharatiya Janata Party appears headed for a significant victory, opening the way for pro-business Narendra Modi to become prime minister. Many investors have high hopes Modi will change the business climate in India.

The FCC’s ‘net neutrality’ meeting was riled by protesters trying to crash in and disrupt proceedings.

Carlyle’s David Rubenstein said deal valuations are getting ‘frothy,’ which is something First Read has been hearing for months.

Traffic to the New York Times’ homepage has declined over the past few years, as readers access the publication’s content through social media links — a reflection of readers’ consumption of content today.

Pinterest is now valued at about $5 billion.

Iran nuclear talks are not going well, and time is running out.

General Motors is absolutely plagued by recalls — the company recalled another 3 million vehicles Thursday.

A Japanese man was arrested last week for allegedly possessing a cache of 3-D printed guns, some of which were capable of firing.

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