peHUB First Read

It’s been quite a month for Kohlberg Kravis Roberts. The firm’s relationship with KKR Capstone gets scrutiny, one of the firm’s limited partner agreements goes public, and then a $725 million buyout loan KKR tried to set up for an add-on investment gets rejected.

Congrats to the stinkin’ New York Rangers — heading to the Stanley Cup Finals for the first time in 20 years.

Google has set up a service for people in Europe who want web addresses removed as part of their ‘right to be forgotten.

Edward Snowden, in his first interview with a U.S. broadcaster, explained why he won’t come home and denied that he was working for the Russian government. Meanwhile, the National Security Agency released an email it claims shows Snowden didn’t try to escalate his concerns over surveillance to the highest levels.

This just keeps getting better: Donald Sterling has been ruled mentally unfit to reject the $2 billion sale of the L.A. Clippers.

Big BroSome federal judges are pushing back against ATF stings in which undercover agents essentially try to trick suspected criminals into robbing drug dealers.

The National Spelling Bee ended in a tie as the two remaining competitors spelled so many words there weren’t enough left the keep the battle going.

The U.S. government is pushing BNP Paribas to pay more than $10 billion to resolve a criminal probe into allegations the bank evaded U.S. sanctions against Iran and other countries.

Giant, man-eating holes are mysteriously appearing in sand dunes in Indiana, and no one can figure out why.

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