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Venture-backed PandoDaily recently fired two of its veteran journalists David Sirota and Ted Rall. Sirota had recently been investigating the intersection of private equity, venture capital and public money.

The Economy Friday: If billionaires in America don’t start paying attention to growing income inequality, The People will be coming for them with pitchforks.

Meanwhile, “borrowing to pay for immediate consumption is usually a dumb idea.” The middle class is still drowning in debt.

Also, is it time for the Fed to contract its balance sheet?

And: the economy shrank by almost 3 percent in the first quarter, driven by those lazy American consumers not spending enough. Was it really just the nasty winter, or is there something a bit fishy* about this ‘recovery?’ (*Check this argument out).

Investigators are now speculating lack of oxygen may have incapacitated the crew of the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 prior to its disappearance.

Why GoPro’s success really isn’t about the cameras.

Crowd-funded phenom Shovel Knight is a homage to the 8-bit, side-scrolling golden age of video games (also known as the 80s). First Read will be trying this one out.

Lack of diversity could undercut Silicon Valley, keeping the majority white and Asian male workforce out of touch with the rest of ‘Murica.

A new study finds that some of the identified chemicals used in the hydraulic fracturing process disrupt hormone receptors necessary to maintain good health.

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