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Yesterday was one of the busiest news days we at First Read can remember:

Someone shot down a Malaysian Airlines flight, with 298 people on board, over Ukraine using a sophisticated surface-to-air missile system. 181 bodies have been recovered from the crash site so far. The flight contained some of the world’s top HIV/AIDS researchers.

The plane was on a flight path that had been deemed safe by some international civil aviation organizations.

This year’s airplane accidents have broken a string of three of the safest years in air travel.

Israel started a ground attack on Hamas in Gaza as the conflict with the Palestinians intensified. Palestinian officials say 27 civilians have died, including a baby and two children.

An investigation of of insider trading involving members of Congress is focusing on 44 hedge funds.

Are we at the peak? New housing starts fell in June, cutting into the idea that the tough winter caused developers to put projects on hold until the summer.

With the public markets on fire, paranoia over a bubble is spreading among Wall Street traders.

Ares Management is becoming selective in credit markets — sensing ‘flashing yellow signs’ in the market.

Six years after the financial crisis, and what have we learned?

Microsoft employees in Seattle are ‘shell shocked’ over the size of the planned layoffs.

The gluten free craze in developed nations is causing food supply problems in regions that produce ancient South American seed Quinoa.

New father stuff: This is interesting — how becoming a new father changes your brain.

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