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A panel of tech luminaries explained to a roomful of interns what they wish they knew at 20. We particularly enjoyed Re/code founder Kara Swisher’s advice: “never turn down an opportunity to have sex or go on television.”

Standard & Poor’s expects the maturation of $4.2 trillion of European financial and non-financial corporate debt between the second half of 2014 and the end of 2019. Of the total, about $445 billion is set to mature in the second half of this year.

Yet another plane has gone down. Bad weather is the likely cause of the crash of an Air Algérie plane Thursday with 116 people on board. French President Francois Hollande said early Friday there were no survivors. Despite the recent spate of fatal accidents, flying remains an extremely safe — (and getting safer) — way to travel.

Amazon investors are getting impatient with losses as CEO Bezos keeps spending money on new ventures like the Fire smartphone.

Israel must cease fire and help establish a sovereign state for the Palestinians, who must commit to a government that abhors violence and recognizes Israel’s right to exist.

Officials in Cyprus are investigating whether Pimco inflated its capital needs in a study last year, which led to a bank bailout that left many Cypriot depositors with heavy losses.

President Obama came out against tax inversions in an interview yesterday, arguing that along with maximizing value, companies need to be good corporate citizens.

SecondMarket founder Barry Silbert is stepping down as CEO to focus exclusively on bitcoin.

Anglers’ Alert: Do you like fishing (First Read loves it)? Maryland will be recruiting anglers to help whittle down the population of the ‘Frankenfish,’ an invasive snakehead that has invaded the state’s waters eating up everything that gets in its way.

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