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peHUB First Read

Europe’s economy is having some problems, exacerbated by the region’s back and forth sanctions with Russia.

Along with the many and documented problems with America’s aging infrastructure, apparently the Internet has grown too big for its aging infrastructure.

Cisco announced it will cut about 8 percent of its workforce, or 6,000 employees, in what has become something of a summer tradition for Silicon Valley’s fifth-largest employer.

Private equity helped the North Carolina Retirement System crush its target return for the year ending June 30. Global equities also drove returns, returning almost 25 percent.

Woven, which attracts 85 million unique viewers per month, is flying under the radar but has the attention of the male 18 to 34 year old demographic and the advertisers trying to reach that group.

In the Heartland: The situation spun out of control again in Ferguson last night. Protests turned violent, with protesters tossing molatov cocktails at police, who responded with tear gas. Two journalists were arrested as they worked at a local McDonald’s. And hacker group Anonymous is threatening to shut down municipal networks, and claims to have the identity of the cop who shot unarmed black teen Michael Brown, the incident that sparked the unrest.

President Obama will not return donations from executives, advisors and directors who have profited from ‘tax inversions,’ which he is attempting to stop.

Here is a twisted tale of greed or at the very least, aggressive fiscal irresponsibility, and entrenched municipal unions blocking any sort of change. How Detroit’s pensions will profit from the city’s bankruptcy.

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