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peHUB First Read

BuzzFeed has been in the process of erasing its own past, having deleted more than 4,000 articles penned prior to 2011, when the company hired Ben Smith and became a ‘serious media company.’

15 charts from a jittery week for the global economy.

The Internet is officially more popular than cable in the U.S.: for the first time, the number of broadband subscribers with the major U.S. cable companies exceeded the number of cable subscribers.

On the scene: an Uber driver got busted for a street pick-up by well-armed officials.

Norway’s massive sovereign wealth fund may delay expanding into riskier strategies like private equity after its investment with Formula One, which canceled its initial public offering.

Dollar General has bid about $9.7 billion for Family Dollar Stores, which exceeds a prior offer made by Dollar Tree.

Missouri’s Governor Jay Nixon has called up the National Guard to keep the peace after the most chaotic night of violence so far in Ferguson.

Short n’ sweet: interesting video tracing 100 years of police crowd control.

Investment bankers are playing a marginalized role in Silicon Valley’s mergers and acquisitions, where big players like Google rely more on their internal corporate development teams to identify potential targets and conduct due diligence.

Fed officials in Jackson Hole this week will focus on the labor market, where the number of part-time workers continues to rise, even as unemployment falls.

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