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peHUB First Read

Private equity firm New Silk Route retools with new leadership to try and recover from the loss of Rajat Gupta and Raj Rajaratnam, who are serving jail time for an insider trading scheme. The firm, founded in 2006, only has one partial exit.

Aquiline Capital-backed First Investors Financial Services Group, an auto loan lender in Texas, has agreed to pay $2.7 million to resolve charges of distorting peoples’ credit ratings while admitting no wrongdoing. The investigation came as regulators scrutinize subprime auto loan lenders.

This morning in data pilfering: UPS reports credit card and debit card information was exposed by a virus at 51 stores in 24 states.

How your pension fund became a casino — should the ERISA ruling of 1978 be changed?

How should news organizations handle broadcasting grisly images like the death of journalist James Foley? You Tube and Twitter have taken measures to halt distribution of Foley’s execution.

Mercedes Benz is offering free rides in its smart electric vehicles to anyone who sends them a ‘Yo’.

Inside a dinner organized on Secret, where users are gathering anonymous strangers together based on the strength of their Secret posts. This one actually sounds pretty horrible.

North Carolina Retirement System gears up to manage more investments internally, including private equity.

French cheeses are flying off the shelves at cheese shops in Moscow as consumers stock up on foods set to become scarce as part of Russia’s bans on products from the EU and U.S. in retaliation for sanctions related to events in Ukraine.

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