peHUB First Read

* Lehman Bros. may report its lousy Q2 numbers early, to “quiet doubts about its future.”

* All Alltel, all the time: Morgan Stanley’s big coup. TPG and Goldman’s profitable quick flip. Verizon Wireless’ strong move. Win, win, win? Well, at least until the FCC requires some spectrum divestiture.

* Consumer sentiment: Men are more pessimistic (and that’s rare).

* The fall of former Broadcom CEO Henry Nichols, complete with cocaine, ecstasy and prostitutes.
* Wall Street layoffs take a bite out of the Big Apple’s real estate market.

* Not so fast: ConnectU isn’t done litigating against Facebook, and claims to have found some “smoking gun” evidence.

* The latest Bay Area VC sentiment survey, from Fenwick & West.

* Zagat can find the best restaurant in Tampa, but it can’t find a buyer.

* Wallstrip on AOL: [youtube=]