peHUB First Read

Google has unveiled a drone project for deliveries the company has been working on for two years within its secretive development lab Google X.

America’s tech guru, Todd Park, is leaving one government role and taking on another, recruiting top IT talent into the federal government.

Nidal Hasan, who shot and killed 13 people on Fort Hood in 2009, has sent a letter to the head of ISIS asking to become a citizen of the group’s brutal caliphate.

What is wrong with these people? A swat team in Colorado, responding to a fake anonymous tip, stormed a guy’s office who was live-streaming a video game to thousands of people.

Meanwhile, the Los Angeles Sheriff’s deputy who ran over and killed Napster executive Milton Olin will not be charged despite typing into his onboard computer at the time of the accident. Because police in this country get to have different rules than the rest of us.

This chart reveals Americans are about as confident about the availability of jobs as they were in 2004, when the economy had moved out of the 2001 recession.

Something we’ve all been feeling: M&A skipped its usual summer vacation this August and hit levels not seen since 2000.

Yale’s endowment has some new environmentally conscious investment guidance, though did not go as far as divesting from fossil fuel companies’ stock.

A bad week for video games? All kinds of crazy stuff went down this week involving video game developers.

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