peHUB First Read

Motorola has announced a smartwatch that will run on Android Wear, the Google operating system designed specifically for wearables.

Vector Capital reportedly invested in a pay-day loan company without telling LPs as it was feeling pressure to deploy money from $1.2 billion fund.

Fidelity found accounts that performed best were those held by people who forgot they had Fidelity accounts.

Private equity clawbacks don’t work as advertised.

How a brothel owner helped seal the deal that will bring Tesla’s battery factory to Nevada.

Cyborg Unplug, a device no bigger than a phone charger that can plug into the wall and patrol the local WiFi network to find and boot connected Google Glass devices, will be on sale soon.

Charlie Shrem, former CEO of bitcoin exchange BitInstant and chairman of the Bitcoin Foundation, pleaded guilty to aiding and abetting an unlicensed money transmitting business but said he wants to continue working with bitcoin.

Hackers broke into a server supporting the website where consumers enrolled in Obamacare health insurance and uploaded malicious files.

Around 25 percent of those with bachelor’s degrees in the U.S. get no economic benefit from their diplomas, according to analysts from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

Message board 4Chan has developed a policy for copyright owners who want their content (like nude photos) removed.

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