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Reddit made enough money off traffic generated by stolen nude celebrity pics to run its servers for a month.

Destiny is no country for old men (or women).

The great Apple/U2 controversy of 2014: a marketing ploy by which Apple gifted free U2 albums to iTunes users has stirred up anger among young users who have never heard of U2.

Why is Tesla building a giant battery factory for electric vehicles when no on is buying?

The U.S. threatened to fine Yahoo $250,000 a day if it failed to turnover user data to the National Security Agency as part of its controversial surveillance program.

Venezuela, the most consistent payer of debt in the emerging markets, may be headed for a default. However, bondholders took solace from recent assurances from officials that default is not an option.

An intense solar storm is set to hit earth today and could produce auroras in the sky.

Exactly which Syrian rebels are we supposed to trust to fight ISIS? Rebel group’s loyalties are all over the map.

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