peHUB First Read

* Elliot Spitzer starting a real estate turnaround firm?

* Six months ago, Cerberus backed out of a deal to buy United Rentals Inc. for $6.6 billion, sparking a legal fight. Now URI is about to do “what amounts to its own LBO.”

* BP CEO Tony Hayward takes on some “myths” about rising energy costs.

* Landmark Communications has already agreed to sell The Weather Channel. Next to go will be its publishing arm.

* Wrigley Field deal hits the wall.

* Chrysler boss Nardelli: Cerberus not second-guessing deal.

* Yahoo’s latest message to shareholders: If Icahn wins, you’ll have to pay us severence.

* Boston defends its startup reputation by claiming that it will always have new innovation, because of its educational institutions. Sure Harvard and MIT aren’t going anywhere, but is Boston actually overstating its collegiate prowess?