peHUB First Read

* Colony Capital wants to help revive Michael Jackson’s career. Can growth equity for R. Kelly be far behind?

* Venture capitalist Mike Slade is just a sweet transvestite.

* Go to Africa, young investors. Probably worth noting that I met two investors focused on sub-Saharan Africa at the peHUB Shindig in New York last night. Burgeoning story I’ll work on once the roadtrip is over.

* Big Brother may get big ratings, but the leveraged loans for its Dutch producer are being sold for as low as 72.5 cents on the dollar.

* MBIA alters course, although not its internal projections.

* Fix Libor. Now.

* Cerberus is raising a distressed debt fund. What took them so long?

* Pensions & Investments calls peHUB the seventh-best blog covering finance. Good for now. Work to be done.