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Hasbro said to be in talks to buy DreamWorks Animation.

Goldman Sachs promotes 78 employees as partners, who will now join some 400 current partners.

Churchill Downs acquires Big Fish for $885 million.

4.8 quake shakes Kansas, Oklahoma, Arkansas.

Debts canceled by bankruptcy still mar consumer credit scores.

Google is driving a bus across Bangladesh to help 500,000 students learn about the internet.

San Francisco City & County Employees terminates PIMCO from DC plan.

Relationship Science’s new Mine app helps you stalk your business contacts.

US companies are now stashing $2 trillion overseas.

And, thanks to the Snowden disclosures, Americans are more paranoid than ever.

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KKR raises $1.9 bln for second infrastructure fund.

Baring Asia takes biggest bite of $55 mln in LACERS commitments.

Guest column: The state of venture is strong.

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