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Torture report reveals CIA spent $300 million on its detention and interrogation program.

Fed sets tough new capital rule for big banks. J.P. Morgan would face $21 billion shortfall.

Uber sued by Los Angeles and San Francisco, while Lyft settles for $500,000.

Alibaba inches closer to an Apple Pay deal, one fingerprint at a time.

NY clarifies bitcoin taxation, likening bitcoin transactions to bartering.

Special K, a hallucinogen, raises hopes and concerns as a treatment for depression.

Panthers’ Quarterback Cam Newton suffers two back fractures in car accident.

According to Glassdoor, Google has dethroned Twitter as the best tech company to work for in the U.S., also tops new U.K. list.

New Scotland Yard, storied London police headquarters, sold to Abu Dhabi investor.

Baby on board! Southwest flight is diverted for birth.

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Deal to buy VSS Fund III LP stakes gets pulled.

Insight Venture heads for first close on Fund IX.

High-tech ‘house calls’ are becoming the norm.

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