peHUB First Read

* UCLA says we won’t have a formal recession, but that our economic outlook is “subprime.”

* Clear Channel loans are now for sale. Find them in the discount bin.

* Missouri politicians hope to fend off InBev. And who can blame them? Belgians are genetically precluded from making beer that meets the crappy standards of Anheuser-Busch.

* Goldman reports strong numbers with a charcoal lining.

* Nuance is suing VC-backed Vlingo for patent infringement. This comes after Vlingo founder — and former Nuance employee — Michael Phillips took off a full year so as to honor a non-compete agreement (which my home state takes very seriously). That’ll teach him to play by the rules.

* Why is RockYou looking at raising another round of VC funding? Because it can.

* DealBreaker is about to begin enabling the behavior it mocks. Does Carney contradict himself? Very well then he contradicts himself. He is large, he contain multitudes.

* Wallstrip chat with Ted Rheingold, founder of Dogster and Caster:[youtube=]