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Investors bought into nearly $250 billion in global IPOs in 2014.

Hedge fund founder Thomas Gilbert Sr. was fatally shot. Victim’s 30-year-old-son has been taken into custody.

Mark Zuckerberg starts a book club on Facebook.

The biggest cyber-security threats of 2015, including those posed by ‘nation-states’.

Requests for Google to take down pirate links soared to 345 million in 2014.

Alibaba competitor Wanda E-commerce raises $161 million at $3 billion valuation.

Doctors face big cuts in Medicaid pay.

HarperCollins pulls atlas that omits Israel.

Former White House press aide Adam Levine exits TPG.

What a catch: Man pays $37,500 for huge tuna at fish auction.

Why right now up until Valentine’s Day is the peak time for online dating.

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Biomet’s $13.4 bln sale to Zimmer was year’s biggest U.S. PE deal.

Guest column: Dodd-Frank hits small businesses again.

Venture fundraising hits post-bubble high.

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