peHUB First Read

* A bonfire returns as heartburn. Sorkin on the new capitalism.

* Huntsman retaliates, sues Apollo.

* Goldman Sachs: Did we say “overweight” the S&P 500’s consumer stocks? No, no — you must have misheard. We were actually talking about this guy we know who really needs to hit the gym.

* A South Korean court rules that Lone Star Funds did not manipulate the stock price of Korea Exchange Bank, in order to buy it on the cheap. That’s the only case directly involving Lone Star, although the entire 2003 deal could still be rendered illegal, depending on similar cases being brought against government and KEB officials.

*, one of the many VC-backed companies that hopes to become China’s YouTube, has been offline since June 3. Eric Eldon has some theories as to why, and what it does — or perhaps doesn’t — mean for its rivals.

* NYSE Euronext beats LSE to the Doha punch.

* Halliburton gets time to make a witness statement on Expro.

* How much is the biz card of ex-Bear Stearns hedge fund manager Ralph Cioffi worth? [youtube=]