peHUB First Read

* Deal Professor says that the Blackstone/Appria merger agreement looks like it was written BCC (before credit crunch).

* John Kay on The Opposite of a Bubble.

* Close to three-quarters of all U.S. ethanol production plants are in danger of closure, and prospective ones are being scrapped.

* It’s been a more than a week since Carl Icahn last updated his blog. Not an auspicious start, unless he’s going for the “I’m only going to talk when I have something very important to say” vibe.

* Obama & McCain surrogates square off on media merger regulations.

* A new ruling in the ConnectU vs. Facebook saga, and it doesn’t look good for the little guys.

* Top BCE executives start leaving.

* Reps. Rangel and Bachman discuss the AMT tax relief bill, which includes a provision to change the treatment of carried interest. Vid is from yesterday morning, before it passed (sorry, it’s a bit grainy):[youtube=]