peHUB First Read

* Krispy Kreme got an unsolicited take-private offer earlier this week, but the bidder seems to be a serial scammer. My tipoff was when I saw the bidder’s website, which brags that it is a “very sophisticated organization.”

* Another view of SOX: It’s delicious, and (mostly) good for you.

* Peter Lattman writes about the recent organizational changes at KKR, and how it means the firm might be reviving its stalled IPO plans. He’s right about the intent, but it still doesn’t make much sense. Moreover, KKR has a bigger capital-raising issue to worry about: Trying to get a new mega-buyout fund out in 2009.

* Huawei narrows the list of bidders for its mobile device unit.

* Ad group Publicis is acquiring corporate PR giant Kekst & Co.

* Ritholtz (correctly) slams Stossel.

* Michael Lewis on today’s Wall Street.

* IPO troubles spread to Asia, as two more companies scrap offerings.

* Wallstrip on newspapers:[youtube=]