peHUB First Read

Yeah, I’m back. Let’s get to it:

* The $2 billion Huawei auction just got more interesting, with Providence Equity Partners, General Atlantic and Silver Lake entering the fray.

* Jim Cramer: Get Shorties

* Politico has been running a series of dueling editorials from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the Center for American Progress Action Fund, in order to elevate debate on key issues that will face America’s next president. The latest installment discussing pending legislation that would make it easier for workers to join labor unions. Read it here.

* Icahn on the absurdity of the golden parachute. On this, me and Mr. Carl agree 100%.

* An founder reemerges.

* A personal plane that gets better mileage than an SUV?

* Facebook unveils a redesign that will give users more control over what information they do, and don’t, disseminate.

* A new book on how companies can be broadsided by online commentary, and how they can defend themselves.

* Wallstrip on Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac:[youtube=]