peHUB First Read

* Steve Ballmer speaks: Lots more Web spending, but “done” with Yahoo.

* GT Solar picked the wrong day to go public.

* The Fed is considering new rules that would make it easier for PE firms to invest in banks. The proposals seem reasonable, but don’t you get a queasy feeling when regulators look to private equity as the financial industry’s savior?

* Lots more Facebook valuation speculation.

* Apparently Thomson Reuters is launching a TV play to compete with CNBC, Bloomberg, et. all. First I’ve heard of it…
* TechCrunch: AOL makes big cuts across its blogs network. It’s also selling XDrive for just a fraction of what it paid to buy it from VCs back in 2005.

* Wallstrip on Metalico. It’s like the band, only not at all: [youtube=]