peHUB First Read

* In case you haven’t heard (or read below), KKR is going public. The firm is holding an investor teleconference beginning at 8am ET, and it can be viewed as a webcast by going here.

* Did the next Google launch last night? Arrington says yes and no. Venture capital backers Greylock and Tugboat Ventures sure hope so.

* How does the SemGroup bankruptcy get worse? By filings detailing that its creditors include a pawn shop, massage clinics and Hooters restaurants.

* Where President Bush sees winos, John McCain sees villains.

* When it comes to Sallie Mae and Freddie Mac, William Poole sees our own inaction.

( Venture capital performance showed positive returns across all investment horizons through Q1 2008, according to new data from Thomson Reuters and the National Venture Capital Association. Here’s the release: VCperf.pdf

* Database pioneer Mike Stonebraker has a new startup, and it’s already raised funds from Flybridge Capital Partners and Kepha Partners.

* T. Boone Pickens is voting for McCain, but thinks his energy policy could use some work.

* Wallstrip on Almost Family Inc.:[youtube=]