peHUB First Read

* Carlyle Group is liquidating its Blue Wave hedge funds. This of course follows the CCC debacle, which makes me wonder what the firm will say in its inevitable S-1 filing: “Don’t worry, we won’t expand our asset management platform.”

* Sarah Lacy on female execs in Silicon Valley: Don’t cry for us.

* Alan Schwartz apparently has plenty of employment options, despite having helped (inadvertently) engineer the downfall of Bear Stearns. Dear John Thain is rightfully pissed. Not surprised Centerview Partners is on there. After all, it hired Jim Kilts — the former Gillette boss who got rich while his employees got laid off.

* Huntsman vs. Hexion, Part XVIII.

* We still can’t start our recession clocks, but Q2 growth was slower than economists predicted (apparently our rebate checks needed to be a bit larger to hit the 2.4% mark).

* Don’t blame the shorts. Blame the longs.

* Scrabulous reanimates, less than 48 hours after being killed.

* Wallstrip on Solera Holdings:[youtube=]