peHUB First Read

* Most institutional investors expect another major financial firm to fail in the next six months, according to a new survey.

* ABN Amro unloads around $1.5 billion of private equity assets.

* Atalya Capital Management is helping to put Bennigan’s back together again, with the help of franchisees. Too bad, since I was planning to decorate my home with a variety of metal Coke signs and billiard table lamps. Now where will I get them from? Pizzeria Uno?

* Sorkin on Quattrone, who blames the Spitzer-era separation of analyst and banker for the recent lack of tech IPOs. Long on concerns, but short on solutions.

* Dick Barrett to Merrill?

* Last week’s M&A roundup.

* Google is a Ponzi scheme.

* Carl Icahn takes on Lynn Stout.

* Wallstrip on a bear market:[youtube=]