peHUB First Read

* SEC scraps Edgar for IDEA. Dear John Thain calls BS.

* Digital media’s slowest revenue quarter… ever.

* Earlier this month, Connie wrote about how Steven Brill’s Clear — a members-only service for speedier airport security check-in — was raising $30 million at a $90 million pre-money valuation. Looks like the round ended up at $44.4 million, with Spark Capital leading.

*  U.S. private equity firm Paine & Partners wants to do more deals in Germany.  That’s fine and dandy, so long as the German government doesn’t use a new law to block them.

* Wilbur Ross has a solution to the credit crisis.
* Former IMF chief economist Kenneth Rogoff says to expect another large U.S. bank collapse.

* Are homebuilders nearing a bottom?

* The Spiral Part II: Managing Directors Everywhere[youtube=]