peHUB First Read

* A former assistant to Frederick Iseman, co-founder of Caxton-Iseman Capital, pleads guilty to stealing over $45k from her ex-boss. But have no fear, her attorney says this won’t impact her sexual harassment suit against him.

* Speaking of scummery: What’s Leon Black doing with a guy like Jeffrey Epstein?

* Not everyone is crying over the recent spate of retail bankruptcies.

* VC-backed bust: Xoova (a.k.a. DoctorsDirect). I’d send you to a website, but there isn’t one anymore.
* Leveraged loans at slowest volume since 2002.

* Fred Wilson: The human piece of the VC equation.

* Bob Pisani: Wall Street’s top worry is housing, not financials.

* Morgan Stanley PE backs out of a deal to buy Daewoo’s electronics unit. Hey Ripplewood: You still want it?

* Wallstrip on Starbucks:[youtube=]