peHUB First Read

Cofee* Daily carnage roundup: AIG rescued, Barclays pays just $250m for Lehman Brothers’ investment banking biz (but $1.75b overall, including its NY HQ), Lehman’s investment management unit — which includes its $35b private equity biz — remains on the block, Morgan Stanley considers a merger and the Fed holds steady.

* Also just hearing that Barclays CEO said the bank has “opportunities but not obligations” to buy Lehman businesses in Europe and Asia.

* Insitutional Investor Magazine names Lehman its top fixed-income research group of 2008. Wonder where it will send the commemorative plaque.

* First Round Capital: Leave Wall Street, Join a Startup

* McCain helped “create” the Blackberry? Thought RIM was a Canadian company…

* Blackstone and Fortress are countercyclical.

* 1-2 Knockout: Don’t be so quick to point your finger.

* Felix Salmon, on the other hand: Investment Banks, RIP.

* Will Lehman’s fall create cleantech woes?

* Need a job? Or perhaps just some gallows humor?[youtube][/youtube]