peHUB First Read

Cofee* Daily carnage update: Citi considering a bid for WaMu, CIC dampens talk that it will increase its stake in Morgan Stanley, Italy’s Mediobanca may want certain AIG assets, Buffett’s bomb goes boom, SEC enacts temporary ban on short-selling of financial firms and the Feds may just bail out everyone.

* The Paulson Doctrine

* Dear John Thain: Could Goldman Sachs Capital Partners take Goldman Sachs private?

* Kedrosky: “So, do we reform the credit ratings agencies? Sure. Stop them from being paid by issuers. I’m fine with that. But why stop there? Why not reform them right out of existence?”

* Google’s Sergey Brin launches a personal blog.

* Barney Frank’s been getting a lot of grief for his longtime support of Frannie & Freddie, but at least now he’s proposed a bill we can all agree on: The re-legalization of online poker

* Businessweek lists the Top 100 global brands. Somehow 5-month-old Thomson Reuters beats out 105-year-old Harley Davidson. I’ll assume that peHUB gets most of the credit.

* Wallstrip breaks wind: [youtube][/youtube]