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Cofee* Nouriel Roubini: Dr. Doom or Hugh Hefner?

* JP Morgan income sank in Q3, the the Wall Street survivor somehow managed to turn a profit. It’s already beginning to turn around the futures…

* Carlyle Group has filed an objection to bankrupt Lehman Brothers’ sale of Neuberger Berman to Bain Capital and Hellman & Friedman. The filing was joined by former Neuberger CEO Jeffrey Lane, with the WSJ reporting that Carlyle and Lane have put together a rival bid. That’s right: We could be looking at some actual deal competition.

* National recapitalization tracker.

* Yet another investor memo with advice for startups. This one is from John Borthwick of Betaworks.

* Where have all the Lehman bankers gone?

* Paul Krugman? Thomas Jefferson saw this coming a few hundred years ago.

* We like lists: SmartMoney’s Power 30.

* Wallstrip on the global financial crisis:

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