peHUB First Read

Cofee* Sorkin writes that banks are hoarding their federal windfall, rather than lending it. Said on unnamed bank official: “It doesn’t matter how much Hank Paulson gives us, no one is going to lend a nickel until the economy turns…. Who are we going to lend money to? Only people who don’t need it.”

* Banker Gone Broke, a blog about… Well, you can probably figure it out. (h/t Carney)

* Scott Kirsner finds a company that basically makes flying cars. Not sure if it’s VC-backed, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it is soon. After all, VCs have proven to be suckers for the auto industry (which they know little about), so why not add some aerospace onto it?

* Morning call: U.S. stock futures are down, as tech shares may get hammered on Texas Instruments earnings.

* AIG CEO Edward Liddy demands an apology from Jim Cramer, who told viewers to hound AIG employees wherever they may roam.

* When the uber-wealthy get hit in the pocketbook, atheltic boosterism suffers.

* The Year 2010: CDO Edition

* Scott Rafer: The Facebook platform is dead.

* Wallstrip asks “What now?”