peHUB First Read

Cofee* Futures have plunged low enough to freeze pre-market trading, particularly in the financial sector. It’s going to be a bumpy morning.

* Speaking of falling financials, the Fed’s Bear Stearns portfolio has lost 9% of its value.

* Huntsman keeps racking up the legal victories. Maybe it should put its counsel in charge of its finances.

* Matt Wurtzel: Why the next Treasury chief needs charisma.

* Econbrowser: CRA and the GSEs as betes noire.

* What happens when a virtual husband divorces his virtual wife? She virtually murders him.

* Hank Greenberg is a man in mourning.

* Carney and Salmon debate the Lehman failure via IM.

* Is this a successor to FuckedCompany? If so, good. We need one.

* Six upsides to the downturn.

* John Cook, former VC blogger for the Seattle P-I, has a new site called TechFlash.

* Wallstrip on Green Earth Technologies: