peHUB First Read

Cofee* KKR’s IPO isn’t a real IPO, in that it isn’t offering any new shares to the public. But even a fake IPO is too scary for 2008, so the firm is pushing off its Big Board trip until 2009.

* Publicly-traded ethanol maker VeraSun files for Chapter 11. Very bad news for shareholders like Eos Partners, and fairly bad news for ethanol evangelists like Vinod Khosla.

* John McCain’s InTrade stock hits an all-time low. Where are the shorts?

* Speaking of elections, here’s a state-by-state chart that includes presidential polls, home value change, income change and unemployment rates.

* Checking in with the TechCrunch Layoff Tracker.

* GM needs a bankruptcy, not a bailout. It seems the Bush Administration might agree.

* Boston Globe on VC-backed Mascoma: What does it take to brew a tank of biofuel?

* Bloomberg: Greenspan caught napping.

* Russia leads the world in college grads? 

Wall Street’s week ahead: Elections and job reports. 

* Carl Icahn seems to be blogging more. Just more prolific, or does this mean Dane Hamilton is working the keyboard?

* Wallstrip on Oracle: