peHUB First Read

Cofee* Apologies for First Read being a bit late this morning, but there was a line at the polling station. First time I’ve seen that since moving to the Boston suburbs five years ago. So make sure to vote early, since many judges take a dim view of extended voting hours. And, in the spirit of information, here is a link to Obama’s economic page, and one to McCain’s economic page. Plus our VC argument for Obama, and our VC argument for McCain. Finally, here are the results of our most recent presidential poll of peHUB and PE Week Wire readers. Happy democracy…

* U.S. futures are up, with all eyes on the collective ballot box.

* Nouriel Roubini: China is the next financial shoe to drop.

* Ready for Spitzer nostalgia? NY Mag on how Client #9 tried to curb the subprime crisis.

* Sovereign Wealth Funds adopt voluntary best practices.

* Paulson may give some of the $700 billion to GE, CIT, etc? Discipline man, discipline.

* CEO Eric Benioff on Mirosoft: “They hate everybody.”

* Is Panasonic’s expected bid for Sanyo a bet on the future of solar power and hybrid cars?

* If Obama wins, who’s the next Treasury Secretary?

* Stop reading… GO VOTE!!! (Unless you’ve already voted, in which case we invite you to return regularly to peHUB throughout the day. We’d also give you free coffee or ice cream, but that’s not really possible for a website to do).