peHUB First Read

Some links to kick off your Friday:

* Carried interest tax legislation has stalled, but that hasn’t stopped Congressional inquiries of private equity. Next up? Management of PE-owned nursing homes.  

* Mary Meeker turns bearish on tech? If it can hit 70 degrees in Boston on October 18, anything is possible… Here is a PDF of her presentation from the Web 2.0 Summit: web2.0.pdf.

* J.C. Flowers finally communicates with its own LPs, regarding Sallie Mae.

* Sam Zell might not get that temporary FCC waiver he needs to close the Tribune deal, according to The LA Times.

* Totally unrelated, but still the best sports column I’ve read in some time. Bob Ryan on why fans and players don’t understand each other, and probably never will.

* Speaking fo sports, don’t buy or sell your Patriots tickets on StubHub.