peHUB First Read

Cofee* A requiem for private equity.

* Obama names Chris Cox’s incoming replacement.

* Henry Markopolos is this month’s Peter Schiff.

* Morning Call: Wall Street futures mixed, with Oracle and FedEx numbers expected, FTSE is flat at mid-day, Nikkei and Hong Kong keep rising.

* Mike Arrington says TechCrunch will no longer honor PR embargoes it agrees to, unless it is guaranteed exclusivity. Shameless ploy to get more exclusives for TechCrunch. If you agree to something, have some integrity and stick by your word. That stands even if you don’t like the overall system. It’s not that hard to just say “no thanks.” As for Arrington’s complaint that the first reporter (i.e., an embargo-breaker) gets top billing on news ranking sites like TechMeme, he is right that TechMeme has little journalistic conscience(although Gabe says he’s trying to fix that). But Arrington ignores that the broken system often benefits his well-branded site. For example, TechCrunch sometimes gets higher TechMeme billing for a story peHUB broke, than does peHUB (even if TechCrunch gave us credit in its own story). In other words, this all is a bit like the queen complaining her cake isn’t spongy enough.

* Big executive shakeup at LinkedIn, which was valued at $1 billion in its last VC round.

* Blodget doesn’t get Fox Business News’ strategy. That’s ok by me, since I still don’t even get Fox Business News.

* Need some fast cash? Just get a branded eyelid tatoo.

* Somali pirates keep pirating.