peHUB First Read

Cofee* Newsweek: The reeducation of Larry Summers.

* Todd Harrison: The reverse industrial revolution.

* Roger Lowenstein: Hoover revisited.

* Morning Call: U.S. futures point higher, European shares rise in early trading, the Nikkei erases gains to close flat and Hong Kong drops despite HSBC outperformance.

* Howard Lindzon forms a VC fund for social apps.

* Treasury’s “stress tests” are intentionally using two different near-term economic scenarios.

* VCs think they may have found some recession-proof startups (VCJ sub req.)

* Feds should stop TARP recipients from handing out lollipops at the teller counter.

* Spencer Ante sits down with Mike Moritz.

* The season finale of Top Chef was last night (Lost & Top Chef had been a wonderful back-to-back), so Hillary Lewis details what all the past winners are up to. If you live in NYC and haven’t yet eaten at Perilla, you’re missing out…

* Foundry Group’s Jason Mendelson this week was asked to present a crash course on venture capital. Here was his slideshow deck:

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* HubSpot CEO Brian Halligan with some advice for jobseekers