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Cofee* Tim Geithner will unveil his toxic asset plan this morning at 8:45am ET, but has already laid out the basics in an Op-Ed for the WSJ. This may be too good a deal to pass up for many private equity firms, but Geithner may need to address the retroactive tax issue in order to seal many deals. Unfortunately, I’m not sure it’s in his power to do so. [Update: Get all the details here]

* Former Stanford University CIO Eric Upin has left Sequoia Capital, which he joined just last year to launch an asset management platform for college endowments. Ironically, that platform was being pitched as a smaller-scale version of Makena Capital, which is where Upin is now headed. All of this comes just one week after peHUB reported that Michael Beckwith also left Sequoia. He had launching a public equity investment operation (read: hedge fund). By the way, it was Upin who prompted the so-called Graveyard Presentation, by freaking out the other Sequoia partners in a private talk about the economic environment.

* Morning Call: U.S. futures rally on toxic buyback plan, European shares rise, the Nikkei hits a 7-week closing high and Hong Kong hits the 5-week mark.

* Google Ventures revealed? Did the tech giant tip its hand via a conference name badge?

* The SBIR program had been slated to expire last Friday, but has now received a three-month reprieve.

* BusinessWeek on Ed Liddy: “Liddy, who earned more than $130 million over eight years leading Allstate until 2007, grew up so poor that he, his mother, and sister were thrown out of their homes at times after his father died when he was 12. There were days, he says, when food was short in his native New Brunswick, N.J. “We’d have dinner for three and food for two and my mother would say, ‘I don’t feel well right now. You two go ahead,’ recalls Liddy, now 63. “You can believe I know the angst of the American taxpayer and what’s happening in economically uncertain times.”

* Ken Doctor: What Platinum Equity plans for the San Diego Union-Tribune.

* Q&A with Boston Power CEO Christina Lampe-Onnerud

* Part I of last night’s 60 Minutes interview with President Obama:

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