peHUB First Read

Cofee*John Hellemann: Inside Obama’s economic brain trust.

* Brad Feld: Arrogance is a venture capitalist’s greatest — and most common — flaw.

* Morning Call: U.S. futures dip after rally, European shares driven down by commodities and both the Nikkei and Hong Kong hit 10-month closing highs.

* Should the USA still be AAA?

* Joe Weisenthal argues that the Geithner plan is price-setting, via where it set its leverage ratios. A counter could be that Treasury simply listened to where prospective buyers told them leverage would need to be in order to participate. In other words, the market price.

* James Surowieki on the new bailout-inspired ad campaign from (PE-backed) Domino’s Pizza: “It’s striking to see corporate America trying to make money off of people’s anger at corporate America, but it’s not exactly surprising. What was it Lenin said about capitalists being willing to sell you the rope you’d use to hang them?”

* Wade Rousch: The Massachusetts tech industry needs a new deal, not a new brand.

* Paul Krugman and Donald Marren (Lightyear Capital) debate the public-private plan.

* PE Council on Geithner’s public-private plan: “As investors of long-term capital, private equity firms will be a part of the solution to the nation’s economic problems.”

* Growing old at MIT’s AgeLab.