peHUB First Read

Cofee* All auto eyes are on GM this morning, but last night a bankruptcy court judge okayed the sale of most Chrysler assets to Italy’s Fiat SpA.

* Todd Dagres: “I say thanks to the grumpy old VCs. Thanks for spreading the word that Venture is over. Just don’t mind me continuing to beat this dead horse. And don’t tell anyone that the dead horse isn’t really dead, but rather, resting in preparation for the next derby.”

* Morning Call: U.S. futures up sharply, London rises early, European shares climb, the Nikkei nears an 8-month high and Hong Kong jumps on Chinese PMI report.

* Just a few months after leaving Atlas Venture, Eric Hjerpe joins up with Jo Tango at Kepha Partners. In other words, I had two VCs from the same firm on my Nantucket Conference panel (but, in my defense, I thought Eric was headed elsewhere).

* Terra Firma reportedly pumps another $45 million into EMI, prompting a collective gag from its limited partners.

* Richard Bradley on Harvard: “Suddenly, unthinkably, the World’s Richest University finds itself forced to reconsider what it can afford to be. (Losing $11 billion will do that.)”

* James Surowiecki: “There are plenty of things to worry about at the moment, but inflation and interest rates probably shouldn’t be high on that list.”

* Richard Florida: Where you choose to live is the most important decision of your life.

* Akamai releases the first of a four-part white paper on cloud computing.

* Finally, it’s good to be back after spending the past couple of weeks in Peru. Some of you asked about my Inca Trail trek, so below is a (long) video documenting the experience. Major apologies for the jerky camera work in the first few minutes (I really wasn’t thinking much about a finished product at the time). Just fast-forward to the final few minutes to see Machu Picchu:

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