peHUB First Read

Cofee* Jon Friedman: What would Louis Rukeyser say?

* Hugo Lindgren: A worrier’s guide to our economic future.

* Eric Eldon: Could social gaming run afoul of gambling laws? It’s a great question, and one I’ve been pondering since WorldWinner launched earlier this decade. Many companies (andtheir VC backers) seem to take advantage of the game of skill/game of chance dichotomy, while others simply seem to keep their fingers crossed that the law won’t catch up to them.

* Morning Call: U.S. futures signal gains ahead of jobs data (coming at 8:30am), London rises early, European shares gain on Rio Tinto and BHP, the Nikkei climbs 1% and Hong Kong is buoyed by energy stocks.

* American Capital’s CEO says it has “vey good odds” of reaching a pact with its lenders.

* Time Mag puts Twitter on the cover. Story doesn’t cover any new ground, but new media folks still seem to get jazzed by old media attention (judging by the number of tweets about it yesterday).

* A Massachusetts boarding school — and Dick Fuld’s alma matter — builds a “trading floor classroom.” Really. 

* Don Tapscott: The impending demise of the university.

* The winner for GM’s Saturn brand is… Penske.

* Jeff Horwitz: How Google plans to argue that it’s not a monopoly.

* Five features that Microsoft’s Bing search engine shouldn’t be getting credit for.