peHUB First Read

Some links to kick off your Monday, as I hop a plane to San Francisco for Buyouts West:

* The carried interest tax bill gets through the House, although every single Republican (and eight Democrats) voted against it. Next up is the Senate, where prospects are much dimmer.

* Michael Arrington on why founders and execs are leaving second-tier social networking companies.

* Cisco expands its VC efforts Eastward (or Westward, depending on where you are).

* Hershey shakes up its board, with some indepedent additions from the private equity world.

* Scott Kirsner posts some rough notes on the Future Forward event I participated in last week.

* PE firms looking to cash out of Nasdaq.

* Financial Follies is this Friday night. Nope, I’m not going. Got that TechCrunch party in Boston (which begins just as my plane arrives at Logan).