peHUB First Read

Some links to kick off your Wednesday:

* Adam Lashinsky on the Al Gore/Kleiner/carried interest issue.

* The World Bank with a country-by-country chart on the ease of opening and closing businesses, paying taxes, protecting investors, etc. (hat tip: Paul Kedrosky).

* Dana Cimilluca says the latest KKR hires are another indication that it’s moving forward with its ill-advised IPO (I added the “ill-advised” part). And I think he’s right, given what people keep telling me.

* McKinsey & Co. says private equity isn’t fading away. By the corollary theory, peHUB will also survive (phew!). Worth noting, however, that McKinsey is talking about traditional private equity — where firms buy undervalued or underperfoming targets. Not early 2007 private equity, where firms paid whatever it took to acquire already-strong companies.

* Goldman Sachs is launching a philanthropy fund.

* Property insurers hit the auction block.

* Lex on the Walker report (sub req.)