peHUB First Read

Some links to kick off your Friday:

* Facebook raises more venture cash, according to Kara Swisher. This time it’s $60 million from Hong Kong billionaire Li Ka-shing. If the $15 billion valuation held, then Ka-shing now owns a whopping 0.4%.

* Earlier this week we had a Chinese anti-monopoly law that some folks felt could stifle foreign-led M&A. Now comes a new merger law in India, and we’re seeing the same concerns.

* Fred Wilson lays out his track record. I seem to be linking to him a lot lately, but the man is simply on fire when it comes to examining VC industry performance.

* Google nears FTC approval for its DoubleClick acquisition.

* Fang Fengli is planning to launch a new private equity fund in China, according to WSJ (sub req.). This could really complicate his relationship with Goldman Sachs, with whom Fengli set up a Chinese securities joint venture three years ago.

* An interesting sidenote on the AdBrite funding, related to one of Pud’s former business ventures. (Update: AdBrite CEO Iggy Fanlo tells peHUB that the ValleyWag item is incorrect. Says the contract was expiring independent of the VC deal, and that one had nothing to do with the other).